Analysis of an Online Case Discussion about Teaching Stochastics

Randall E. Groth


Online learning, case discussions, and stochastics instruction have all become
increasingly active strands of research in mathematics education. This study
integrates the three strands. The nature of the discourse during an online case
discussion among prospective secondary teachers is analysed. The case focused on
the teaching and learning of a version of a classic statistical sampling problem.
Participants formed several threads of conversation in discussing the case. During
the online discussion, the prospective teachers conversed about multiple elements
embedded in the case, including: mathematical issues, assessment of students,
pedagogical strategies, the context of the case, and writing choices made by the case
author. The discussion also contained substantive contributions from individuals
who were normally silent in face-to-face class sessions, and allowed extended time
for participants to craft responses to one another.


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