Addressing Changing Assessment Agendas: Impact of Professional Development on Secondary Mathematics Teachers in NSW

John Pegg, Debra Panizzon


In New South Wales the focus on assessment for learning requires teachers to
consider carefully the alignment between assessment, curriculum, and pedagogy.
This emerging agenda in teacher education seeks to ensure that assessment practices
provide advice to teachers about what students know and where teaching might be
directed to enhance learning. To incorporate this change into classroom practices,
teachers need ongoing and sustained professional development. This paper
describes the experiences of secondary mathematics teachers as they engaged in a
two-year professional development program using the SOLO Model as the
theoretical framework to explore the changing nature of assessment. Initially,
teachers’ views of the advantages of the professional development experience are
identified as major themes. Following this overview, three case studies are presented
to provide a longitudinal perspective about the ways in which the views of teachers
evolved over the period of the project.


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