Early Childhood Teachers’ Professional Learning in Early Algebraic Thinking: A Model that Supports New Knowledge and Pedagogy

Elizabeth Warren


The implementation of a new mathematics syllabus in the elementary context is
problematic, especially if it contains a new content area. A professional development
model, Transformative Teaching in the Early Years Mathematics (TTEYM) was specifically
developed to support the implementation of the new Patterns and Algebra strand.
The model was grounded in theories related to a community of practice (Lave &
Wenger, 1991), a socio-constructivist perspective (Vygotsky,1962/1934) and effective
models of professional development (Clarke & Hollingsworth, 2002; Guskey, 1986).
This paper focuses on the effectiveness of the model as six Year 1 teachers worked in
pairs developing and implementing learning experiences for three differing aspects
of the Patterns and Algebra strand. The results indicate the model offered positive
professional learning experiences for the six teachers and assisted them in becoming
experts in their own right, especially with regard to content and pedagogical
knowledge of the Patterns and Algebra strand


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