Pre-service Primary Teachers’ Perceptions of Mathematics Education Lecturers’ Practice: Identifying Issues for Curriculum Development

Gregor Lomas


Teacher educators’ work with pre-service teachers plays a part in trying to shape the
nature of classroom teaching. Their teaching usually follows an established
curriculum and delivery that is underpinned by particular theoretical, philosophical
or political agendas. In an institution where the teacher education programme is
predicated on constructivism and a transformative agenda, a study was conducted
on how primary student teacher perceived the ‘lived’ mathematics education
curriculum. This paper reports on the student teachers’ views of their mathematics
education lecturers’ practice as explored through their perceptions of the mathematics
education classroom interactions and learning environments they experienced. The
questionnaires used showed differences in the student teachers’ views of sociocultural
and critical focussed aspects of the classroom environments, both within and
between the two instruments. Some initial ‘in-house’ approaches to addressing
issues identified, along with approaches from the literature that could enhance the
transformative aspects of the mathematics education courses, are presented.


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