Mathematics Teachers' First Engagement with Research Articles in Mathematics Education: Sketches of New Praxeologies

Annette Rouleau, Igor' Kontorovich, Rina Zazkis


This study is concerned with the first experiences of in-service mathematics teachers in consuming scholarly mathematics education literature. Growing from the meta-didactical transposition model, we were interested in the praxeologies that may develop from teachers’ engagement with research articles. The data were collected from a cohort of 13 teachers who read, interpreted, critiqued, and designed a follow-up to an empirical study as part of a master’s level course in mathematics education. The teachers reported that such a consumption of research contributed to the expansion of their mathematical knowledge, instigated changes in their teaching of particular concepts, and provided them with ideas for enacting this change. Furthermore, we explore how engagement with an article shaped the teachers’ understandings about research in mathematics education.

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