The Facilitator’s Role in Elementary Mathematics Professional Development

Sandra M. Linder


This study identified qualities of influential facilitators of elementary mathematics
professional development. Extensive research relating to elementary mathematics
professional development has emerged over the past three decades. Embedded in
this body of research are recommendations for effective practices in professional
development and examinations of models that have utilized these effective practices.
However, little emphasis has been placed on the role of the facilitator in professional
development for elementary mathematics. A phenomenological design was utilized
to determine how twenty United States elementary school teachers characterized
influential facilitators of professional development. Emerging themes indicate
teachers in this sample perceived influential facilitators along five themes: (1)
Credibility, (2) Support, (3) Motivation, (4) Management, and (5) Personality. Based
on these findings, a multiplicative effect is introduced as a potential framework for
increasing teacher motivation during professional development.


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