Learning to Teach Music-themed Mathematics: An Examination of Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs about Developing and Implementing Interdisciplinary Mathematics Pedagogy

Song An, Meilan Zhang, Daniel Tillman, Lawrence Lesser, Annette Siemssen, Josefina Tinajero


This The study presented in this paper sought to offer a group of 21 preservice teachers with opportunities to learn about interdisciplinary mathematics pedagogy, plus the experience of implementing interdisciplinary mathematics pedagogy with real elementary students. The current study provided the participating preservice teachers’ with an opportunity to reflect upon the potential advantages, as well as challenges, involved in developing music into an educational resource for teaching engaging elementary mathematics lessons. Analysis of the 391 pieces of qualitative reflections that were collected from the participating preservice teachers during focus group discussions, individual interviews, and self-refection essays, revealed the participants’ general perceptions about the benefits and challenges of teaching mathematics through music activities.


interdisciplinary curriculum, interdisciplinary mathematics instruction, preservice teachers’ perceptions, pedagogical content knowledge

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