Challenging Transitions and Crossing Borders: Preparing Novice Mathematics Teacher Educators to Support Novice K-12 Mathematics Teachers

Jan Yow, Jennifer Eli, Mary Beisiegal, Andrea McCloskey, Rachael Welder


This article shares findings from a survey of 69 recentlygraduated doctoral students in mathematics education. Similarities were foundbetween the experiences of these novice mathematics teacher educators and theexperiences documented in the literature on novice K-12 mathematics teachers. UsingGiroux’s framework of border crossing (1992/2005), findings showed that novicemathematics teacher educators needed more teaching experiences during theirdoctoral preparation programs as well as more mentoring during their initialyears as professors. These findings are consistent with research findings onthe experiences of novice K-12 mathematics teachers. The article then discusseshow these findings impact the teaching and learning of mathematics across K-12and university settings and offers suggestions for improving the transition formathematics teacher educators into their academic roles as novice professors.

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