The Role of the Knowledgeable Other in Lesson Study: Examining the Final Comments of Experienced Lesson Study Practitioners


  • Akihiko Takahashi


Lesson study, originating in Japan, has been implemented in many different countries as an approach to improve teaching and learning. But some mechanisms of lesson study are not fully understood. In particular, researchers and educators trying to implement lesson study in their own schools often ask about the role of knowledgeable others who provide final comments at the end of a post-lesson discussion. A study was conducted in Japan to learn about the nature of such final comments and how knowledgeable others prepare for them. The author examined the actual final comments of three highly respected knowledgeable others, and conducted interviews with them, to reveal the structure of effective final comments, the considerations that go into planning and making the final comments, and the skills and expertise that the role of knowledgeable other requires.