Partnership Mathematics Content Courses for Prospective and Practising Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Patrica Baggett, Andrzej Ehrenfeucht


Since fall 1995 the Department of Mathematical Sciences at New Mexico State
University has been involved in a partnership with the Las Cruces, NM, USA,
Public Schools. We offer a series of five one-semester courses attended jointly by
prospective and practising teachers of grades K-8. The sequence covers the
arithmetic of integers, rational, and real numbers, metric geometry, algebra, and
science, with integrated use of technology. Practic\sing teachers act as mentors for
prospective teachers, who become their apprentices. Material is organised into
units that provide lesson plans for elementary and middle grades. Practicing
teachers use them in their classrooms, and their apprentices observe or even teach
under their mentors' supervision. The partnership supports preservice teachers as
they learn advanced mathematics and use it in a classroom setting.


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