Student Teacher Participation in Interpretative Classroom Research Projects

Andrea Peter-Koop, Bernd Wollring


An orientation towards “listening to pupils’ thinking” can promote a learning
environment that is conducive and sensitive to pupils’ own mathematical sense
making. This paper introduces and reflects on recent developments in German
elementary teacher education programs with respect to a “listening” orientation
towards mathematics teaching. The paper focuses on student teachers' professional
learning processes while they collect, collectively interpret, and analyse qualitative
data from primary classrooms episodes in which pupils argue mathematically.
While the approach of student teacher participation in qualitative research projects
does not relate to one specific study, it provides a common structure and has
proven itself in a variety of different research projects co-ordinated by the authors.
In this paper, data excerpts from student teachers’ self-evaluation of their
professional learning with respect to pupils’ thinking and their own classroom
instruction are discussed.


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